FOR one night only, an audience at Salford’s Lowry Theatre were treated to the never before told story of television’s favourite on-off couple: Ross and Rachel. Quays News entertainment reporter Molly Jacobsen went to find out if they really were ‘on a break‘…

Packed with the most iconic Friends references, this play was perfect for all Friends’ superfans.

Having been a huge success in Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and just recently returning from New York, those in attendance were in for a good night as playwright James Fritz was able to dissect the couple’s relationship after their final goodbye to Central Perk all them years ago.

Molly Vevers, a young actress from Scotland, embodied both characters to represent a stream of conscious and unconscious thoughts for both Ross and Rachel.

Largely, it was confusing and uncomfortable for many in the audience as it was hard to distinguish who was saying which parts. However, Fritz was clever in that he only used one actor; Ross and Rachel come as a package deal, a theme which was covered extensively in the short 50-minute play.

Heading into the theatre with the mindset that this play was going to be like the well-known sitcom proved naive. It couldn’t have been much different to any audience preconceptions as it was poles apart from the famed show.

There was no clapping or dancing along to The Rembrants’ ‘I’ll Be There For You‘ unfortunately…

As, who many thought was, Rachel took to the dark and gloomy stage with a coffee mug in hand, the theatre fell silent.

Filling us in on the past 10 years of their lives, the audience started to see that pushing the duo together was maybe the wrong thing to wish for.

Not only was the performance by Vevers breathtaking, but the lighting and staging also added to the beautiful untold story.

The dark pool in the middle of the stage was at first confusing for many but as the play went on, and the use of the water became apparent throughout the play, it became clear to make the connection that one day, everyone has to take the plunge into ‘the dark pool’.

This play, even though filled with references from all 10 series of Friends, was not hard to follow for someone who is unfamiliar with the famous couple.

Fritz is able to cover many heart-breaking themes in the short showing, beautifully demonstrating what any regular couple could go through behind closed doors.

By Molly Jacobsen

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