‘FOR 12 weeks the city is ours’ and damn right it is.

After a seven month wait, the notorious Warehouse Project returned to take over the city of Manchester with one of the most energetic and alive techno, dance and electronic scenes in the country.

For the next 12 weeks, WHP has some absolutely planet crushing line-ups, with artists such as Seth Troxler, Gorgon City, Carl Cox and The Martinez Brothers taking over the Store Street Warehouse.

The event started at 6pm, and even at this time, the queue snaked round the side of the Warehouse and down the street.

Manchester was full of people dressed ready to rave and skank into the early hours of the morning.

Armed with sunglasses, clenched jaws and a whole lot of energy, everyone piled into the warehouse, preparing themselves for the none stop 11-hour rave.

WHP recently changed locations, with the event last year being held at Victoria Warehouse and this year at the Store Street Warehouse (which is actually an old air-raid shelter).

One of the issues we found was the queues between the rooms.

Victoria Warehouse was a very open venue, and there was never really a struggle to get from room to room, however, at Store Street, getting from the main room, to room one was like taking part in The Great Escape; elbows to the face, getting stood on, it was quite the challenge.

And getting to room three was not even an option…

Actually, where even was room three?

Matthew Dear’s set in room two was, admittedly, a bit rusty around the edges.

His mixes weren’t as smooth as they could have been, however, he dropped some really catchy tracks and had the whole room dancing.

There was a mad rush half-way through his set to get to the main room as Eats Everything completely controlled the Warehouse.

Their set was slightly darker than Dear’s, but was absolutely flawless.

They dropped some really popular techno tracks and their stage presence was simply mesmeric.

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The act that everyone was waiting for, however, was Adam Beyer b2b Joseph Capriati who kicked off at 4am.

This was without a doubt one of the most exhilarating and dark sets I have ever experienced.

They absolutely dominated the main room, jumping on the front of the stage and making everyone scream wildly.

When looking around at everyone in the room, there was the constant look of “holy s**t that was a dirty drop” (see image below if you don’t know that face…)

If you haven’t got tickets to one of the WHP events this year, you need to.

For 12 weeks, Manchester is home to one of the most notorious and mind-blowing events in the UK that you simply NEED to go to.

By Lauren Bones

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