TOTAL immersion in the world of gaming is all PlayStation’s VR can be called.

Virtual Reality has had a huge buzz about it for well over a year now. It has finally arrived and it has certainly exceeded expectations.

Game companies everywhere are getting involved in the wondrous world that is virtual reality. A lot has been promised from what we have seen in this years E3 press conference with gaming conglomerates such as Bethesda and Infinity Ward, but we are yet to see any content.

With VR have come a series of mini-games, giving those who own it a little taster of the new way of gaming.

Some of the best to be seen of these mini games is SCE London Studios’ new game London Heist, which is mostly a campaign game surrounding a heist in London.

Danger Ball is also another free to play preview in which they are taking it right back to the basics and starting straight from the beginning with a futuristic version of Pong. However, in this version, the player is face on with the oncoming projectile and is faced with various different competitor types such as Tornado, an AI which has the ability to put a spin effect on the ball.

There is just something satisfying in picking things up and putting them back down again, and that’s exactly the sense you get in the Tumble demo. This game really helps players understand how to manipulate and move objects more gracefully with tasks such as building a tower as high as possible with different shapes – essentially a virtual Jenga.

A few of the bigger games titles have offered demos such as Driveclub, and Resident Evil’s ‘Kitchen’ which give players a taste of what is to come in the real games.

VR is not just affecting the gaming world, a few films are up for preview and the experience is like no other. This technology literally puts the viewer in the film for a ‘point of view’ experience.

So, gamer or non-gamer, VR is changing everyone’s lives as we know it, not only will we be able to see our favourite films and TV series, but actually live them.

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