WWE 2K17 hit our stores this week at the competitive price of £40, and it is well worth it.

The developers Yukes and Visual Concepts have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the game – and the effort has paid off as the game has many new features, patched all its bugs, and made it an all round better gaming experience.

They have introduced a few new characters to the line-up AND players can now fight as one of the crowd favourites Sasha Banks or AJ Styles. Also, of course the gaming legends are still available as DLC. However, as for anyone in cruiser weight, you can only get them as user generated characters.

The mechanics of 2K17 have really improved – the character movements are more realistic and don’t glitch as much as they used to. You’ll no longer find your superstar spasming between the ropes in an uncontrollable glitch. Loading screens now feature short gaming previews from real events instead of a pre-game freeze frame.

The custom character building has vastly improved in 2K17 as opposed to its predecessor. The 2K16’s item selection selection was fine, but extremely ‘laggy’ when loading up any changes – this bug has been totally patched in 2K17.

Another aspect that must be paid a huge credit to is the music choice. Instead of the same 12 tracks playing on repeat, WWE 2K17 has now rebooted the playlist and given it a 13 track long list, this list is including the new Twenty One Pilots hit Ride and the Black Sabbath classic Paranoid.

2K17 has now become a lot more PC, having changed the name of the Diva Division to the Women’s Division. This now including the new RAW women’s title but not Smackdown. Which is a theme that runs through the game must like in 2K16 as we see clashes of Smackdown and RAW but there has still been no brand expansion.

You can also add to the dramatic storyline you’ll be following in your campaign when having the opportunity to break the rules by fighting not only in the ring, but backstage too.

Also, tag teams now also have the ability to cut-off their opponent during their entry in the run-ins feature so we will be able to now see The New Day interrupting Enzo and Big Cas upon entrance. Now we will see who is really S.A.W.F.T.

Buy your copy here or in stores now.


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