TECH giant Samsung are opening exchange booths in airports around the world to try and stop the latest Samsung phone being taken on board a plane.

It’s in uncertain which mobile devices passengers can get in return for their Galaxy Note 7, but all data can be transferred over to the new device when swapped.

It is now a federal crime in the US to take the Note 7 onto a plane due to several reports of them blowing up.

Last week production and sales of the phone were halted, after a global recall programme failed due to replacement phones still catching fire whilst charging.

Anyone caught with the phone on an aircraft can face up to 10 years in prison and a fine.

The booths were put in place after analysts found that over one million devices were still in use despite two worldwide recalls.

App intelligence firm Apteligent found how “Note 7 usage has trended over the past two months” despite recalls and the news of devices exploding.

A graph showing how the use of Note 7’s is still worryingly high. Credit: Apteligent

They said: “About 40 percent of all Note 7 users haven’t heeded Samsung’s plea to immediately power down the phone. In fact, we’ve seen plenty of Samsung superfans who love the Note 7 so much they’re making a conscious choice to defy the recall.”

The first of these booths have been seen in South Korea, and Samsung have announced that they will be in the US and Australia.

Manchester Airport said Samsung have contacted various airports to control the situation and “are currently investigating a pop up booth at the airport.”


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