MANCHESTER Art Gallery is currently celebrating 100 years of stunning photography from British Vogue. Leaders in fashion and style, the exhibition showcases some of the most prominent pieces from the Conde Naste archive at Vogue 100.

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Vogue magazine was founded in the United States before coming over to Britain in 1916. Since the early days of British Vogue, the magazine has been at the forefront of fashion, one flick through the pages of the magazine and the appreciation for style and art can be seen through the use of photography, whether it be fashion, art or portrait. To celebrate 100 years of this historic British institution, Manchester Art Gallery is running Vogue 100: A Century of Style, an exhibition that features over 280 prints from Vogue’s collection, unpublished work and original magazines.


From the artistic era of the 1920’s to the minimalist, high definition prints of 2010 the exhibition tells the story of British Vogue. Each era has it’s own influence and style, all of this shown through the photography on show. The vibrant red wall of the 1940’s ‘The Art of Peace’, the photography shown is a reflection of the war and how Vogue presented itself in Britain’s darkest hour.

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And then the contrast of the 1960’s and the essence of Hollywood glamour that the photography had. Each era, so distinct due to social issues and historical events, but all equally as ground breaking as the next. The exhibition walks you through Vogue’s timeline and presents these eras through the photography that shaped them.

1960 Alexandra Shulman, Editor in Chief of British Vogue, told Manchester Art Gallery

“Vogue 100: A Century of Style is a landmark exhibition in the history of magazine photography.  I am incredibly proud of this collection of exceptional photography and of the whole concept of the exhibition, which shows the breadth and depth of the work commissioned by the magazine as well as Vogue’s involvement in the creation of that work. Anybody interested in photography, fashion, fame and magazines will find this an unmissable experience.”

The exhibition, which has been organised by the National Portrait Gallery, has been hugely popular whilst being shown at the Manchester Art Gallery. Alongside the exhibition have been a number of talks and seminars at the gallery and also at Selfridges in Exchange Square. British Vogue’s editor in chief Alexandra Shulman, The British Fashion Council, Dazed & Confused’s Isabella Burley, model Naomi Shimada and more are just some of the names that featured on the programme of high fashion talks, debates and fashion conferences in partnership with Manchester Art Gallery, SHOWstudio and Selfridges.


Jane, 20, visiting from Switzerland said: “It is really cool. There are just so many different things to look at and it’s interesting to fashion’s impression on society.”

Melanie, 22, also visiting from Switzerland said: “You can really see the evolution of Vogue over 100 years. It has changed so much and to see this in photographs is really fascinating.”

A truly wonderful exhibition that showcases the importance of fashion and Vogue as a British institution. Vogue 100: A Century of Style is showing until the 30th of October and is not to be missed.

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Images: Olivia Smith

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