FOLLOWING Britain’s decision to leave the EU back in May, high street retailers may be forced to raise their prices.

With new trading regulations imposed set to be posed on them when Britain leaves the EU, companies could be forced to raise prices of products such as clothing and shoes by 16%.

For the people of Salford, this could prove expensive for visitors of the Outlet Mall at the quays.

The Outlet Mall houses big brands such as Marks and Spencer and GAP and has grown massively in popularity with the MediaCityUK complex neighbouring it.

But prices rising would not be good for the consumer and could see the end of this rise in popularity.

Regular shoppers Craig and Eileen Watson said that should prices rise it may put them off going since they also have to pay for the bus to get from the centre of Salford to the Quays to get to the Mall.

With Salford’s decision to vote ‘out’, their people may now have to put up with a pricier shopping trip on their door step.

With Article 50 set to be put in motion by Prime Minister Theresa May this coming Spring, the ball will be set rolling on Britain’s exit from the European Union and more expensive shopping shows a potential down side to the countries decision in which Salford so heavily backed.

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