A NUMBER of events, which include a talk from a best-selling author, have been launched in local libraries to encourage young children to read more.

Reading Hack, a company that inspires young people to read, organised one of these events at Manchester Central Library yesterday.

Children were given the opportunity to experiment with their artistic sides as they took part in numerous projects involving books. The event was aimed at 13-24-year-olds but was still open to the public outside of the targeted age range.

When people arrived they were given an opportunity to take part in activities straight away. The screen printing activity was the most popular with kids because they were able to sit down with a few snacks and draw whatever they wanted. Most youths were encouraged to draw the cover of their favourite book and were then able to partake in the process of screen painting the image.

Screen Painting Process

Other activities included recreating favourite book scenes with stop motion and learning how to draw with 3D pens. There were multiple templates that the children could use, or they could create something completely original.

Drawing with a 3D pen
3D Pen Art









The main event was an open question and answer talk with best-selling author Samantha Shannon, who talked about her book and gave writing and publishing tips to the audience.

Shannon wrote ‘The Bone Season‘, a supernatural dystopian novel which is set in an alternative timeline where clairvoyants are forbidden. During the talk Shannon mentioned that she doesn’t really like to give writing advice as she believes there are no rules, and that writers should simply follow what they want to do.

The event, hosted by Reading Hack, also set out to promote the BBC love to read campaign, which celebrates authors and reading.

The campaign is set to take place on the weekend of 5-6 November, so be sure to clear your calendar!

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