MANCHESTER Museum has welcomed the fascinating ESRC Festival of Social Science into its doors this past weekend.

Located on Oxford Road, the Museum displayed the festival’s most recent exhibition, titled Into the field: The added value of field research in legal studies, to the general public.

Within the exhibit, onlookers were encouraged to embrace reality through a variety of photographs, in order to help break down the often mediated stereotypes of culture within the mainstream.

Highlighting the importance of photography, the exhibit further placed its study on the profound institutional and behavioural change, produced by the acceptance of international law.

Where it is said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this can be non-truer than during the surreal experience of taking in the art.

Placed in the natural world section of the Museum, the imagery ranges from; Chile, Iran, Brazil, Kenya, and Costa Rica amongst many others.

Rapi Nui people
The complexities of the Rapi nui people of Easter Island.

Regarding Chile, the complexity of the indigenous Rapi Nui people is highlighted through the power of imagery.

It demonstrates domestic law against the separatist law felt by that sector of society, letting the viewer form their own opinion.

Co-curator Timothy Hodkinson has said this is the job of the exhibition, saying that the images used within the exhibition, work to communicate the capturing of moments that are the truest representations of their subject.

The festival runs until November 12, with the researches present on Wednesday afternoon at the museum.

To follow the remaining events, follow the festival on Twitter using #McrESRCFest or #ESRCFestival.

By Ryan Dobney

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