After a lengthy wait, indie electronic trio The xx have released a new single; an exciting taste of what is to come from their upcoming album ‘I See You‘ to be released in January 2017.

The release of The xx’s new single, ‘On Hold‘, follows on from their worldwide success with albums ‘xx‘ in 2009 and ‘Coexist‘ in 2012. Known for their often mellow, minimalist indie tracks with beautifully written and sung lyrics, it is no surprise that they have made a very clear mark in the music industry in the seven years since they released their debut album.

However, with their new single, a certain boldness can be felt reminding us that they aren’t the reserved, baby-faced newcomers they once were. ‘On Hold‘ brings with it a new level of maturity, and it is clear that the three have drawn inspiration not only from their previous albums but also Jamie Smith’s 2015 album ‘In Colour’.

Despite Romy Madley-Craft and Oliver Sim both featuring on separate tracks on Smith’s debut album, it is quite comforting to hear them once again together singing about the difficulties of a dying relationship, “And every time I let you leave/I always saw you coming back to me/When and where did we go cold?/I thought I had you on hold.

With their gloomy and often romantic lyrics intact, Smith’s influence can be clearly heard as the Hall & Oates sample kicks in. Upbeat, house-inspired production and use of samples is evidently Smith’s style and along with the beautifully sung, raw melancholic portrayal of letting go of a love and relationships in the lyrics; we are left with something not only relatable but also very catchy.

It is clear that the trio are moving away from their very minimal roots, allowing us to see that their musical talents and tastes are ever-changing and developing. This said, their unique charm remains and their natural musical progression is something fans, old and new, will undoubtedly find themselves instantly captivated by.

With the almost perfect combination of Madley Croft and Sim’s unique voices, and Smith’s upbeat, pop inspired production style, it is no shock that the single has already caused quite a stir of excitement among fans.

By Annie Korn-Morris 

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