Doors opened at 9 and already there were large groups of people already making a human barricade against the stage.

From students who had just submitted assignments to someone’s mum and dad, Caravan Palace attracted millennials and Generation X alike, chanting and begging for Zoé Colotis.

Caravan Palace is a French electro swing and based in Paris and are touring to promote their new album, Robot Face, starting in Dublin on the 14th of November and finishing in Valencia on the 3rd of December.

From Wonderland to Lone Digger, Zoe sang, danced and posed her soul out, carrying the audience off of their feet and into a dancing 2

Camille Chapeliere on clarinet and Antoine Toustou on trombone managed to transform a pretty grim 21st century concert venue into an electro swinging, jive dancing, Gatsby party.

With assistance from the red beams and flashing lights, classic swing and modern techno were mixed perfectly resulting in a cocktail of any flapper’s dream.

Whilst Arnaud Vials guitar makes you forget any Brexit/Trump troubles you may have, calmed and relaxed by Hugues Payen’s violin.

Zoe and Paul-Marie Barbier showed us how it’s done during Tattoos as they broke into an elaborately choreographed dance routine, including flips and tricks, making the audience erupt into cheer and envy.

There was no calm song played, the audience did not have time to consider their perhaps aching feet or the fact that their clothes are still wet from the horrid Manchester weather, the band kept the audience up and jiving till their 11pm curfew where there were forced to turn away and leave us wanting more.

As the crowd reluctantly filled out of the venue, merchandise in hand, groups expressed a desire to keep going, “where to now, lads?” screamed one guy to his group of friends as he danced his way on to the streets, “Anywhere we can boogy!”

It can’t be denied that Caravan Palace rocked the Manchester Academy of its foundations, twisting and jumping as it goes, leaving us waiting eagerly for their return.

By Eleana Zanga

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