LATE-NIGHT Manchester bars are being urged to support a victim’s petition to ban alcohol being served in glasses after midnight. 

And workers at two city premises have supported the idea.

The petition was launched by Liverpool mother-of-three Gemma Hilton who needed 50 stitches after being struck with a wine glass in an unprovoked attack.

Her petition has gained 6,500 signatures but needs 10,000 by the end of the month to guarantee a Government response and 100,000 for it to be debated in Parliament by MPs.

So she is looking beyond her home city for support.

In Manchester Niamh Shackleton, who works at the Salford Student Union bar, witnessed a glass thrown at an event hosted by the union.

She said: “It was karaoke night and somebody was singing and a group of drunken lads threw a glass across the room in the direction of the person signing.

“It could have easily hurt the person singing or other customers.”

Ms Shackleton said the union already uses plastics glass throughout the night for big events.

“We recently hosted REC night at the union and we used plastic glasses all night not just from midnight onward following incidents such as what happened at the karaoke night.”

An employee at The Dome in Salford Quays also gave his opinion on glasses in bars.

He said: “We operate with plastic all the time. I think the issue is people taking their glasses outside. There are policies in place to stop people from getting drunk and causing violence.”

The incident that sparked the campaign took place in a Woody’s Bar in Liverpool in February 2016 and Ms Hilton’s attacker was jailed for six years.

On her petition page Ms Hilton writes: “I was glassed in a unprovoked attack while on a night out. I am asking clubs and bars to introduce plastic to reduce the chance of serious injury to other members of the public.

“I was left with my face scarred for life, which affected my career, mental health, family and my three  beautiful children.”



By George Hutchinson

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