FAITALA have had an interesting past three years.

David Faitala, the New Zealand born singer/songwriter moved from his native homeland to Manchester, with aspirations of forming a band. This is where he met keyboard player EV Houlton, and  drummer Oliver Hughes.

David originally met Oli at a gig that both of them were performing at in Manchester. They stayed in touch, and the rest you could say was history. David met EV after he posted a home-made video on YouTube, and she responded to an online ad.

Faitala will be releasing ‘Departures’  their newest EP on November 28.  The three-piece told me: “The process of making it was fairly long, being dragged out by a severe lack of funds which slowed things down a lot from the mixing stage onwards.”

Faitala have a ever-growing fan base, and their desire to give each track its own unique sound is something the band hope to help others discover their music.

With tour dates at Nottingham’s The Bodega venue tonight (November 24) and The Hall in Lancaster on December 3 – the trio will be promoting their new EP to new crowds.

When it comes to identifying under a genre, Faitala, as similar to other artists don’t show any haste in labelling their work as any genre or sub-genre, preferring to see what comes of their work. “David doesn’t think about genres in the writing process, though in the selection process they tend to have a common stylistic thread. Who knows what magic will pop out next.”

As a three-piece band with a mix of drums, keyboard and vocals – Faitala have given themselves the opportunity to make music different to what is regularly found on the independent music scene.

A mix of alt/synth/indie pop masquerades itself in their music, and as the band say, without the use of a bass (guitar) player in the group, they were never going to be a ‘straight-up indie band’. Lead singer David says he’s always loved old budget keyboards from the 80’s, his sense of melody and love for ‘a bit-crushed and rattling organ-type textures’ were always going to merge into an off-centre kind of pop.

For now, Faitala are keeping their plans for the coming year to themselves – as they await the success of their soon to be released EP. Expect to hear a lot more of them in 2017.

Find Faitala on Twitter at – @wearefaitala

By Dan Willis

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