THE Hidden exhibition, capturing the lives of Salford’s young carers has seen a successful run at the Lowry Theatre, ending today.

Award-winning photographer and former young carer, Max Alexander runs the exhibition, sharing the touching stories of 24 teens and children that cared for a loved one highlighting their determination, resilience and strength.

The exhibition’s aim is to ensure that these young carer’s stories of difficulty and inspiration do not go unnoticed.

A young carer is defined as any child under 18 who provides regular care or emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances

Salford Young Carers worked with local teens to showcase the launch of this event on Nov 14. They work with young people aged 24 and under who have family caring responsibilities and provide a mixture of services to ensure that Salford’s young carers have the same access to life opportunities that other young people have.

Salford Young Carers head, Paul Moran said: “The exhibition at the Lowry is about the fact that 70% of young carers are hidden…and those 70% need support and need recognition and we as a society have to acknowledge that.”

He added: “I think all the young people we work with are inspiring when you look at the level of caring that they’re doing.

“We are in a position at the minute where we’re supporting twenty young people at university which is a huge achievement for young people and especially for young carers.”

The UK has nearly a quarter of a million young carers with the North West housing more than any other region.

The launch of Hidden in London in February at WHY Festival gained huge support with over 2,000 people visiting in 10 days and the Young Carers in Focus programme has helped to share these powerful images across the country.

Alongside Hidden at the Lowry came Who Cares?, a play inspired by young carers and to give them a voice. The play debuted on Nov 22 to great reception.

The exhibition is free to attend and ends today at the Lowry Theatre before it moves on to the Oakham Museum in Rutland in January.

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