RESEARCH conducted by revealed that 52 per cent of respondents could not recognise the road sign for ‘No Motor Vehicles’.

This poses the question, ‘should motorists be made to re-take their theory test every few years’?

Over the last three years there has been 3,045 road accidents in Manchester due to careless driving.

Experienced driver Kirstine Gerhold said: ‘‘I think it’s a good idea to make drivers re-do their theory as people do forget and it might reduce accidents.

“However, I think that every 10 years would be more efficient than three to five as there are new road signs coming out all the time.’’

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Chief Driving Examiner Lesley Young said: “The theory test requires candidates to demonstrate they have a good knowledge of the rules of the road and the theory behind safe driving.’’

She continued: “We keep the test under constant review to ensure it remains as effective as possible.’’

Young Driver Kathryn Evans thinks that the required knowledge to pass your theory test is inadequate.

‘’I went on a speed awareness course, in Manchester, two years after passing my driving test. I have since found the course to be invaluable and felt I learnt far more in the four hours I spent there than I did revising for my theory.

“I think it would be a good idea to introduce theory test classes as you are left to learn the theory by yourself which can set you off with the wrong idea of driving before you’ve even passed your test.”

Another issue highlighted by Emma Bagnall, brand manager for, is that motorists are not always fully aware of their surroundings.

Unfortunately too many of us are on auto-pilot when we drive. We don’t take notice of the signs that we pass on a daily basis and we seem to ‘forget’ the rules of the road that we learnt to keep us safe,’’ she said.

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