In the past two weeks 13 cooking fires have started up in Greater Manchester alone. With public safety in mind Ellen Ward finds out more.

Cooking fires are becoming a more dangerous hazard and with 13 fires started in the two weeks we can see why.

Just from these fires alone we notice that a quarter of them are in fact caused by chip pan fires.

The latest incident was on Monday 28th November at 3:05pm a chip pan fire broke out at Whitefield on Bury New Road.

No-one was hurt but the firefighters were at the incident for over an hour showing how easily the fire got out of control.

When speaking to the Manchester Fire Service, this is what they had to say: “We advise people to stop using them and go for a safer alternative.”

The Fire Service goes on to talk about the ‘Ban the Pan’ campaign which is an ongoing campaign to ditch chip pans for the public’s safety.

In 2012 they posted a YouTube video online to show the dangers of chip pans but they are still causing trouble today.

The Manchester Fire Service has some advice when using a chip pan if people still want to use them.

“If people are going to use them, then you shouldn’t fill the pan over one third the way with oil and don’t leave it unattended.”

“If it does set on fire do not try the tea towel trick, just get out of the house and ring the fire brigade. Don’t try to tackle it yourself, it is too dangerous.”

Remember if a fire does break out in your home make sure you ring 999 immediately. Don’t leave it too late.


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