A LOCAL hero has spoken out for the first time after saving an elderly lady from getting attacked with a knife by her own son in Zurgena, South Spain.

Susan Ramsey, 68, from Stockport was driving to Spanish classes on a Tuesday evening in September when she saw the elderly lady being attacked and jumped out to help. 

Susan said: “While I was getting past the houses I saw this old lady who lives just around the corner, covered in blood, with her son behind her holding a knife. 

“I got out of the car and shouted: ‘No, no! It’s your mother!’ He just had a blank look on his face.” 

Susan managed to hide the lady behind a gate and tried to contact the police but failed to get past the operator who did not speak English. 

She explained that it seemed like the victim’s son, who is believed to be suffering from a mental disease, had calmed down and walked inside the house – but only to come back with a second knife. 

Susan said: “He came back out, I couldn’t understand what he’s saying and then he went for me! He tried to stab me! I ran for help.”

Susan managed to find help from workers who called the police and an ambulance.

“I was trying to help her! He would’ve stabbed her and she would’ve bled to death with nobody there to help her. I had no choice, I couldn’t leave the lady.

“It was a battle, really. But we won. She’s safe”, Susan added. 

Susan was awarded a Plaque for Bravery on the United Nations International Day Against Violence to Women, November 25th in Zurgena Town Hall. 

The Plaque for Bravery Susan was awarded

The award from local council came as a surprise to Susan and her friends. 

Councilor Jim Simpson said: 

When I asked what awards there were for bravery of citizens, I found that there were not any suitable!

“As a Police Officer with 27 years of service in West Yorkshire Police in Wakefield I know of very few occasions when people risking their life to prevent injury or death to a person unknown to them.” 

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