RENOVATION plans have been approved for Walkden train station in an aim to improve access and reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, has passed the £1 million plans to introduce a free park and ride facility.

Transport for Greater Manchester chiefs will work in partnership with the town hall to plan designs and work on sourcing the money needed to complete the renovation.

There are proposals for the site to be leased to Transport for Greater Manchester at a low cost rent for 40 years.

Plans state that the former council depot site next to Walkden train station will be transformed into a parking facility and will provide approximately 100 parking spaces, including disabled access and secure cycle parking for easy access to the station.

Commuter, Paul Sherlock, said: “Some stations on this line can only be accessed by stairs, no lifts, which can be difficult for many of us, but particularly for wheelchair users or people with prams.”

“It must be annoying to have to go a few miles out of the way to a more accessible station, such as Salford Crescent,” he added.

The refurbishment also aims to be a solution to Salford’s congested roads, encouraging residents and commuters to use public transport and reduce traffic.

Salford resident, Janie, is in favour of the new plans and said, “About time, I’m sick of our road being taken up with people parking their cars all day.”

The council land on Chestnut Avenue, which is right around the corner from Walkden station, was originally set to be used for housing.

Mr Dennett said, “Severe parking and transport issues in the area led us to the decision that extra parking space for residents is much more important.

“The park and ride facility will also encourage residents and commuters to use our transport system, taking more traffic off our roads. These proposals will form a part of an integrated transport plan, linking road, rail and tram for a more seamless commuter experience.

“The decision is one small step in making that a reality.”


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