SALFORD RESIDENTS are being urged “Don’t be a Dave” this Christmas in a funny new video. 
Salford City Council has released the short film showing the chaos Dave causes his family as he tries to cut corners, save time and celebrate the festive season.

From landing the children in A&E to giving his true love food poisoning, Dave also wreaks havoc on the family finances, sets fire to his home and, after the worst hangover of his life, ends up with a driving ban. Even the family dog is not spared with a £600 visit to the vet after eating all the Christmas chocolates.

The soundtrack to the 12 Daves of Christmas is sung by Salford City Council’s staff choir and friends to the traditional carol the 12 Days of Christmas while the words have been changed to highlight the disastrous Christmas Dave’s family will never forget.

1) Counterfeit alcohol could contain anti-freeze.

When you buy fake alcohol you don’t know what you’re buying or drinking.

Fake alcohol chemicals can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness, dizziness, kidney or liver problems, coma and even permanent blindness.

Plus you’re helping the producers break the law and avoid paying much needed public taxes.

2) Don’t give scammers the time of day

Scammers will try every trick in the book to get access to your money.

From claiming your computer is running slowly and they’ve called to fix it, to claims your bank, eBay or Amazon account has been compromised and you need to log in, to targeting older people with overpriced goods – we’ve seen them all.

Banks, building societies and major companies never contact you by phone or email asking for your personal details. If you get any such request don’t give any information. Don’t use any phone number you’ve been given – check directly with the bank or company.

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3) Don’t risk a fire this Christmas

Check the fuses are right for any lights you’re putting up and replace any blown bulbs.

Don’t leave fairy lights on or candles burning when you go out or go to sleep.

Don’t overload sockets.

Be careful with paper decorations – make sure they’re not near bulbs, candles or fires

4) Don’t upset the neighbours

Please be considerate if you’re celebrating this Christmas and don’t cause a noise problem.

5) Don’t get food poisoning.

Keep all raw food, particularly meat, well away from ready-to-eat foods and use separate chopping boards to avoid spreading bacteria.

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling food. Wash vegetables thoroughly but don’t wash your turkey or chicken – it can spread bacteria.

6) Don’t get a vet bill.

Don’t leave chocolates lying around – chocolate is toxic to dogs.
Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, amaryllis, ferns and pine sap are poisonous to cats and dogs.
Don’t give your pet chicken or turkey bones – they can splinter in their throat.
Make a safe space for your pet where they can hide away from noisy visitors.

7) Plan getting home.

If you’re out and about over the festive season, plan how to get home.

Check public transport or pre-book a private hire. Remember – only hackney carriages can pick up on the street. If you jump into a private hire car on the street you’re not insured and it’s just like getting into a stranger’s car.

8) Don’t mix your drinks.

The best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink. If you decide to drink:

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limit how much you drink on any single occasion, drink more slowly, drink with food and alternate with water or non-alcoholic drinks.

9) Don’t hurt your children.

Toy safety standards are there to protect your children. Counterfeit toys can contain dangerous chemicals, small parts that can choke children or have sharp edges that can harm.

Keep your children safe by only buying from reputable shops, beware of products that are too cheap and look at the packaging for the distributor’s details and a CE mark.

10) Check food ratings.

If you’re eating out, always check the restaurant has a good rating; it will show you how seriously they take food hygiene. Poor food hygiene can cause serious illness.

11) Don’t drink and drive.

What can we say? It’s just not worth it.

240 people died in 2014 due to drink driving. Imagine living with those consequences.

You can also be jailed, heavily fined and named and shamed in the media. Having a drink driving conviction can cost you your job as well as causing difficulties with insurance and even travel.

12) Don’t let thieves steal your Christmas.

Burglaries and thefts from cars tend to go up around Christmas. Follow these simple tips to protect your home and never leave anything, particularly valuables on show in your car.

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