LOCALS from Salford and Greater Manchester have voiced their opinion on recent figures predicting over a £1000 pay rise for members of parliament in 2017.

The figures, produced by the Office for National Statistics, state MPs could receive a 1.4% increase on this year’s salary next year to reach £76,011.

This 1.4% increase is much more than the 1% pay rise cap placed on public sector workers in 2012.

The increase in pay comes after MPs received a large hike in salary just two years ago, jumping from £67,000 per year to £74,000: a 10% rise.

Office for National Statistics’ prediction has caused anger amongst some- many believe members of parliament should also bore the brunt of ongoing austerity from the Conservative government.

Pay rise

Users took to social media to express their concerns:

Pay rise

Duncan Corns, 46, from Eccles, believes members of parliament are not paid enough.

He said: “I would like to see MPs receive a pay rise. I want to see a higher grade of candidate standing for election, one who doesn’t necessarily have inherited wealth behind them but inspires to earn a comfortable living while being a public servant.

“I expect my parliamentary representative to earn a comparative wage to a top surgeon or the MD of an FTSE 350 company. But I would expect their increase in income to substantially reduce the amount of expenses they could claim.”

Other Facebook users were frustrated with the rise in pay after a period of intense austerity from the Conservative government, and the pay system for public sector workers as a whole:

Pay rise

Pay rise

Under a system designed to take the issue out of political control, MPs’ salaries rise in line with the Office for National Statistics’ calculation of average overall increases in the public sector.

Pay rise

But it is the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) that will set the MP’s salary in February next year.

In a statement, an IPSA spokesperson said:

“In July 2015, IPSA’s announcement about MPs pay linked any future pay adjustments to the average public sector pay change. The provisional ONS figures published this week are subject to revision and the actual pay change will be confirmed in February 2017.”

David Nuttall, MP for Bury North, will be one of the MPs receiving the pay rise in 2017. He told Quays News:

“The process is that MP’s pay is determined independently by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Committee.

“All I would say is that as I have no involvement in the process I do not concern myself with it. What ever they decide is what I get. I concentrate on representing my constituency.”


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