COUNCILLORS decided Islington Mill can keep its 24 hour operating license at a meeting of the councils licensing panel.

The venue was under threat after noise complaints prompted a review of its licensing. It was closed in 2014 temporarily due to complaints of the same nature.

Residents nearby complained of loud music through the night into the early hours of the morning, as well as noisy punters and taxis.

After Islington Mill was able to keep its license they took to twitter to thank everyone who supported them.

“We want to thank everyone who supported us by writing letters to Salford City Council – of which there were over 300, an unprecedented amount for this type of hearing.

“We would like to thank the City Council and the Salford Mayor’s Office for their understanding of what Islington Mill brings to the local community and the region.”

Created in 2000, the Grade II listed building, which is situated between the University of Salford and Manchester City Centre, is home to 50 small businesses, 100 artists and even a bed and breakfast, and over the last 15 years has helped 5,000 artists from 35 countries.

The Mill is the location of festivals such as Sounds from the Other City and Fat Out Fest, which are now saved from the brink of closure after the license renewal.

Islington Mill is a significant venue in Salford, and Manchester’s, arts and music scene. Now it will be able to continue promoting, supporting, and providing a workspace for artists and musicians.


The conditions of the new license include all entertainment being between 8am and 11pm, the doors and windows being shut at 9pm if music is playing, and the sale of alcohol to be stopped half an hour before closing.

Venue bosses are asking for help and donations, as the building needs urgent repairs such as fixing a collapsed roof, making to building fully accessible and installing sound protection. They are working with sound engineers to improve the acoustics in the building which will help to cut the noise at night.

To get involved with fundraising you can support them via their website


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