Stand Up To Racism Salford aims to tackle racism in the city, and create a more friendly atmosphere.

A new campaign group has been set up to help fight racism in Salford.

Stand Up to Racism Salford aims to build anti-racism within the city and to create support for those who have experienced attacks.

The group has been set up by Ameen Hadi, a local trade union worker, who believes that Salford has undergone a huge change in diversity in the past 15 years.

“The huge changes in diversity that Salford has seen in recent years, has caused some issues around race discrimination. Stand Up to Racism Salford aims to tackle these issues and create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome here.”

The group is a sub-division of the national campaign, Stand Up To Racism, which according to their website “brings people together to build solidarity with refugees and confront racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism” and already has 29 local groups across the UK, something that Ameen believes will help.

“Hopefully by joining in with the national group, it will give us more strength and support behind the campaign. We really want to make a difference in Salford and this is one of the ways to show that we’re serious about doing that. With this week being Manchester’s Hate Crime Awareness week as well, we’re hoping that we can drum up support for our campaign.”

The campaign comes after Manchester has hosted several protests against the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, to show solidarity with migrants.

The demonstrations have proved popular, with around 10,000 people turning up to the latest rally in Manchester which took place on Saturday afternoon.

Several other protests have also taken place against Trump, including a women’s march, which Clare Solomon helped to organise.

“About 1500 to 2000, people came down to Albert Square to protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump. We’re here to say that we will, stand up for our right’s and will continue to fight for what we’ve already achieved.”

These events are taking place in Manchester and Ameen believes that Salford can run its own campaigns too.

“What we really want to do, is reach out to our community here in Salford and help support people in our city.”

The New group wants to help and support those who are victims of racism in Salford.
The New group wants to help and support those who are victims of racism in Salford.

Anyone who is interested in the local group, can join the Facebook page ‘Stand Up To Racism Salford’ for updates on the group.

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