SALFORD University’s Student Union is hosting the elections for the 2017-2018 Sabbatical Officers. Students have from the 6th – 17th February to put themselves forward for the positions available.

The elected officers will be paid around £17,000 for twelve months; starting the role on 1st July 2017 with 23 days annual leave and University closure days.

Any student can stand for the roles including postgraduates and international students.

There are five Sabbatical Officer roles that students can apply for: President, Business and Law Officer, Science and Technology Officer, Arts and Media Officer and Health Sciences Officer.

The President’s role entails chairing the trustee board, leading the other four officers, being the key contact with the University Vice Chancellor and National Union of Students.

In addition to this, the President is the spokesperson of the Students Union to the press, other external contacts and the wider community.


As an officer, the jobs for the sabbatical officers involves representing the voice of your fellow students, campaigning on issuesaffecting them, implementing Union policy and overall representing the students of the school you’re standing for, e.g Art and Media.

For those who have applied, there is a ‘Question Time’ with the candidates on 3rd March followed by voting which takes place from Monday 6th March to Thursday 9th March.

Results will then be revealed the following day at Engels’ Beard on the main Peel Park Campus.

If you personally do not want to run, you can suggest a friend anonymously instead – this is open for students, university staff and Union staff to do.

Being a sabbatical officer will be hugely beneficial to students as it will improve their job aspects when finishing university.

The officers will get the opportunity to make changes, lead a charitable organisation of over £1 million, and how to be a trustee giving them vital insight into how an organisation as big as a Student Union works.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Sabbatical Officer for the Salford University Student’s Union, click here to apply.


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