SALFORD’S premiere Sounds From The Other City festival returns on Saturday 30th April. Our editor Will Stevenson takes a look at the line-up.

Salford’s Sounds from the Other City festival has revealed its 2017 lineup. The festival is a diverse celebration of music from the city that is often less celebrated than its bigger brother, Manchester, and takes place over multiple venues across the city on Sunday 30th April.

The festival aims to celebrate local talent from across the 37 square foot city that has produced talent as famous as The Smiths, New Order, the Buzzcocks and more, many of which end up wrongly attributed to Manchester.

The lineup over the years has featured talent that has gone on to dominate stages worldwide including art-rockers Art-J, indie pop darlings the Ting Tings and crooner Sampha; so it’s exciting to see who might be the highlights of this years.

Tickets for the multi genre event run just £22. The festival is put on by a variety of promoters, each focusing on different genres of music across the country and beyond, including ambient, experimental, dream-pop, indie, hip hop and metal acts.

Now Wave, who have put on performances from Death Grips and East India Youth in Manchester previously, have a fantastic selection of bands on at Unit 5, that include the gloomy indie of Plastic Mermaids along with Goat Girl, the punky Shame and HMLTD, some of the best up and coming rock bands in the country and beyond.

Meanwhile on their fifth visit to the festival, Grey Lantern are putting on a lineup at Unit 2, on the Regent Trading Estate that includes the Bonobo-esque Flamingods and the equally experimental Vanishing Twin.

Other programmers include Bad Uncle, Hey! Manchester, Heavenly Records, The Wonderful Sounds of Aficionado, Family Tree and the effervescent Beauty Witch, who bring the best of fuzzy, noise metal music to the festival, including Bruxia Maria, Casual Nun and Stupid Cosmonaut.

Hip hop is represented by iAMDDB and Sleazy F Baby, both hosted by Tru Luv, who are stationed at Bexley SQ.

The festival doesn’t just focus on music: the Shambodie & Ping Pong Club is “Manchester’s only hot dog night with added comedy,” whilst there are commissioned performances from artists including Austin Collings, whose piece of “demented musical theater” paints a tale of sci-fi Salford.

Our Spotify playlist for the event can be browsed below, whilst tickets can be found here.




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