TICKET touts are destroying fan’s dreams to see their favourite artists and attend major one off events.

Manchester is known for having a rich background in music and culture and across the city hosts some of the worlds most renowned events and gigs.

From park life festival to the return of the Rolling Stones, Manchester has got it all.

When it comes to sell out events from the biggest artists to up and coming bands, everybody wants to get their hands on the sought after tickets.

We have all been there – up at the early hours of the day, fingers at the ready to swipe at the chance of getting tickets for the most in demand events.

After several minutes of queuing you are met with the words ‘sold out’ and now you have to scour the internet for the tickets, knowing that you might have to pay a little more than face value.

It is increasingly common that ticket touts will have gone and snapped up hundreds, if not thousands of event tickets only to resell them back at extortionate prices, well over the face value.

The fans are bled dry with the money from their own pockets.

Luckily, the fight against the ticket tout has taken a turn for the best.

Ticket seller website; Twickets, hosts a fan friendly ticket website that allows sellers to sell their event tickets but at face value or lower.

This way fans can afford those gigs, events and concerts they gave waited considerable amounts of time for.

It even gets better, major artists such as Adele, 1975, Mumford & Sons and One Direction have teamed up with Twickets in the fight against the ticket touts.

Andy Calderbank from Manchester’s up and coming band Pleiades commented: “We are not really established enough yet to worry about the ticket touts, but I hope that they become a thing of the past.”

“For international bands coming through, it’s really the fans that lose out. You wait all year for a band to come through and the number of tickets available drops dramatically due to touts.”

Other notable ticket sales applications like vibe Tickets are following suit and coming together to fight the unfair touts and hopefully put an end to the high pricing of resale tickets.

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