ZIFERBLAT MANCHESTER is a creative space where visitors don’t pay for physical things, but for time.

Manchester is a city with great contrast, from creative minds to the laid back, people who want to make the most of every minute of the day, and people who just want to chill out.

Despite such contrast, these people can live in perfect harmony, and a co-working space in the Northern Quarter is showing that.

You can enjoy the variety of facilities such as tea and coffee, lounge space, desk space and chess, for just eight pence per minute.

Ziferblat Manchester is advertised as ‘a place where you can do as you please’, welcoming people to come to the space to ‘work, study, relax, explore, play, attend events, eat cake’ and, of course, ‘have a brew’.

The creative space was founded by Ivan Meetin in 2011 in Moscow. The name Ziferblat comes from the Russian word ‘Zifferblatt’, which means clock-face, referring to the pay-as-you-stay paying method employed by the space.

As well as the Manchester space Ziferblat has branches all over the world, including two in Liverpool and eight more across the world.

Ziferblat Manchester is located on Edge Street in the famous Northern Quarter, so get yourself over to the space, get creating, get work done, or just have a brew!

by David Clarke

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