CANADIAN-born rapper Drake wowed Manchester crowds this weekend when the boy met the Manchester Arena.

Where normally one is meant to write a review solely based on objectivity, with energy and charisma personified, it is hard to write a review of Drake’s latest Boy Meets the World tour gig in Manchester with any sort of loose connection.

For where I was expecting a hoard of expletives matched with big natural haired beauties dancing upon the rapper – I was wrong.

Oppositely, standing in the heavens of the packed out M.E.N, I was greeting by an artist who presented me with a concert of experience and togetherness. Clearly, the self-confessed 6-God has something different to his competition, who often rap about music’s different benefits.drake

Again I thought the concert was to be met with Drake’s more aggressive club hits, that can be often heard in styled out cars of a Saturday night, but no, this concert reinforced the value of keeping those close who are important to you.

The world’s best-selling artist was joined on stage by his pianist and long term friend, they bounced off each other, pulling out one liners that drew the crowd into a false sense of security before delivering a one of his many hit singles.

The idea of solidarity could be seen as the spotlight was often on his friend whilst Drake would change into his variety of outfits. Whilst changing, the crowd would be serenaded by a quite remarkable piano solo, which dazzled the viewers into a near silence.

If the plethora of pyrotechnics or lighting was not enough, the Hotline Bling rapper came out to the last half of his show with what was a glowing sphere in the middle of his centred stage. The sphere would change colours to represent planets in the solar system – perhaps reinforcing the universal love with him and his crowd.

Each song did not really last more than a few minutes, as Drake attempted to please each sections of the crowd. His music is liked by so many different fractions of the audience the artist knew he had to find the balance between ballads and rap.

However, matched with his enviable stage presence Drake could have sung anything and have the crowd in oar. His final softly worded tribute to family, which recognised all nationalities was a nice touch, that meant everyone who attended knew what it meant to see the boy in person.


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