FOUR Year Strong took to the stage in Manchester Academy 2 on a tour dedicated to arguably the band’s most popular record, 2007’s “Rise of Die Trying,” which would be played in full.
First band on are UK pop punk band Homebound. Their sound fits the rest of the bill well with them having a similar style to Four Year Strong themselves. Although the room is not as full as it will be by the time Four Year Strong come on, the band play well and engage with the crowd as much as they can with such an early slot.

Boston Manor are second on, they play around seven songs and manage to pull quite a few people whom singing along with them following their latest release “Be Nothing.”

By the time the last support act come on the room is packed for the sold out show – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have the same set time as Boston Manor and play a range of their older and newer songs. They also play a cover of much loved “All Star” which is met with nothing but enthusiasm from the crowd.

Four Year Strong come on at quarter to ten opening with “The Take Over” as album, Rise or Die Trying does.

As promised, they play through the popular record in full and not missing one song out.

The fourth song in the set is one of their most popular – “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” it gains a surprisingly energetic response from what was looking like a tired crowd after all the pushing and shoving that has already managed to happen so early on in the set.

Two songs later, “Catastrophe” is also greeted with more stage dives and crowd surfing. Lyrics “save your breath and get down with me, I never thought it would be this easy.” Are still chanted religiously a decade after its release.

The mammoth 17 song set continues through with some more of their best songs including “Bada Bing! wit’ A Pipe! And Maniac (R.O.D).”

Once the album is played through the band continue to play a further 7 songs picked from the other records they’ve released during their successful career. Included in this was “Who Cares?” and “What the Hell is A Gigawatt”

The band wisely chose to close their set with one of their most popular released singles – “It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now.” The crowd burst with energy when the first few drum beats begin. A lot of people get on others shoulders while crowd surfers weave between them screaming the catchy lyrics; “Don’t fix it if it hasn’t broken yet, don’t regret it if it hasn’t happened yet.”

After this the band leaves the stage before returning to the stage for an unexpected encore after the long set with song  Wasting Time (Eternal Summer).

When the song ends and the show is actually finished the entire room is still buzzing with energy along with dedicated fans covered in sweat from the energetic performances. It’s one of the best crowd responses I’ve seen at a show but the love is not undeserved by any means.

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