AMERICAN fast food giant Five Guys opened its new Manchester restaurant in the Arndale centre this week.

Some of the most dedicated fans of the burger and fries franchise were waiting outside before Monday’s 11am opening time.

The store’s first customer said: “I’ve been to the ones down in London, so very much excited for this one in town to open,” before tucking into his burger.

The Arndale centre destination,  next to Disney and Apple stores, is the second Manchester venue, following the Trafford Centre branch which opened in 2014.

The fast food chain sells a range of freshly cooked, high quality products.

Customers can customise their order with a choice of toppings – including jalapenos, peppers, and more – all included in the price of the meal.

A Five Guys burger costs significantly more than the McDonald’s equivalent – up to £8.50 for the most expensive, a double patty, bacon cheeseburger – the quality of ingredients and lack of additives makes it more satisfying.

The menu consists of varieties of burger, hot dogs and fries, each generously portioned.  A portion of fries overflows in the brown paper bag everything is served in.

Classic rock music, including the Beatles and Black Sabbath and the Killers, blares out, while the restaurant is decorated like a traditional Americana diner, with red and white tiling along the bottom of the walls.

Above the tiling sit several cuts from newspapers, magazines and websites from around the world, including Buzzfeed, The State and the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We focus on the food, not the fast,” is one such quote which adorns the upstairs wall. That seems to sum up Five Guys approach. From the staff to the food, it’s all a great experience, topped off with the excellent re-fillable drinks machines which include a variety of flavours you’ve never seen before – including cherry, grape, peach and raspberry varieties of Sprite, and a huge range of coca cola that can’t be found in shops, including lime and orange.

The new store is expected add to Five Guys success in the Manchester area, and is the 28th store in England, and one of more than 1,500 worldwide.

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