A mice infestation has been found at the so called ‘state of the art’ Peel Park Quarter living accommodation.

Peel Park Quarter, the £81 million development and living accommodation for students at the university of Salford, has become infested with mice after students found them in their living quarters and rooms under beds and surfaces.

Residents have felt ‘disgraced’ after the way they have been treated with the situation, saying that they were dissatisfied with the actions taken to remove the mice from their flats.

Jacob White, a student studying graphic design, found what seemed to be mice faeces in his bathroom after coming back from Christmas, and claimed that mice can seek refuge in their flat through gaps under doorways.

Residents have had to put cloths down so mice can not crawl under their doors.
Residents have had to put cloths down so mice can not crawl under their doors.

Jacob also witnessed a mouse in his bedroom that took shelter in his suitcase to give birth to its four babies after he caught a glimpse of the mouse running across the room into the suitcase. Jacob was left horrified at the sight of four newborn babies clinging to a piece of clothing, whilst the mother mouse darted out the door only to crawl into the boiler cupboard to hide.

Jacob said: “as soon as we saw there was mouse activity we told CLV (Campus Living Villages), but how they treated us was horrible, disgraceful. They blamed us!

“We don’t get treated like adults, we don’t get treated like tenants, we get treated like primary school kids”

According to the residents, CLV were threatening to fine them substantial amounts of money if they did not keep up their standards of cleanliness to keep mice away. But the students felt this was unjustifiable, as they claimed it was not mess that was bringing mice to the flat, but gaps in doors that mice could crawl through to seek refuge.

Extra mice traps and poison have been added by CLV to eradicate the mice, but so far the residents have still witnessed mice activity in their flat despise the extra steps to remove them.

Lucy Roberts, operations manager at CLV said: “We are aware of this issue and are following expert advice from a third-party specialist pest control company in order to eradicate the problem. The safety, security, and experience of our residents is of the utmost importance to us and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as we can.”

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