A NORTH WEST truck convoy has raised over £2,000 for terminally ill mum-of-three in her efforts to beat cancer.

Polly Haydock needs £100,000 for life-saving treatment in Germany, after she was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer over a year ago.

On Saturday 4th March,  the North West truck convoy organised by Graham Poole, of Graham Poole Road Transport, went some way to help achieve that goal, when nearly a hundred vehicles drove from Lymm to the Macron Stadium, and even past where Polly lives in Atherton.

Graham Poole organised the convoy after reading Polly’s story, and thought back to when his niece lost her life to cancer only a few years ago.

The leading truck was actually dedicated to, and named after, Graham’s niece, and is decorated in pink colours and Disney characters.


Stephen Schofield, group manager for Graham Poole Road Transport, and one of the drivers in the convoy said: “We’re not just all big, fat truck drivers, we have got a heart, and we’re doing a job. With that also, we’re there to help out where we can”.

Most of the vehicles had lights attached, and to see them all driving in unison beeping their horns was quite amazing. Many passers by were taking photos or videoing the many trucks that drove past them.

Stephen explained: “It just makes you proud for doing something like that, giving your time up. It’s just good to do, and nice to see the people waving at you, and cheering you on and supporting you. There was quite a big gathering when we got to the football stadium as well”.

The route that the convoy took was planned with the aim of passing where Polly lives, to show the surrounding areas the good work they were doing.

Nearly a hundred vehicles drove from Lymm truck stop, Cheshire, before making their way along the A580 East Lancashire Road, then up the A6 to the Macron Stadium, in Horwich.

Graham Poole Road Transport led the way from 15:30, and the convoy arrived in the Macron Stadium car park at approximately 19:30, passing Polly’s local neighbourhood in Atherton around 18:00.

Other companies that got involved with the convoy included Kelvin Lord Trucks, Hydraulic Services North West, and T&C Transport.

Graham Poole Road Transport were involved in a similar event last year, to help a terminally ill child, and stress how important it is to support causes such as Polly’s, especially with it being local to the Rochdale based company.


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