NICOLA Sturgeon has announced her plans for a second Scottish independence referendum following Brexit, Molly Jacobsen-Hunt has spoken to people in Manchester to get their thoughts.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced she has plans to hold a second Scottish independence referendum.

Sturgeon has urged for a second referendum after residence voted 62% to 38% in favour of remain in the EU referendum.

Plans for the referendum comes as Prime Minister, Theresa May, prepares to formally launch Brexit negotiations.

Sturgeon said another referendum is inevitable as she cannot pretend a compromise agreement will be reached with the government.

In 2014, Scotland voted against becoming an independent country with 55.3% voting against it. As the result was so close, a second referendum has been imminent.

Ellen Hanna, Salford student from Edinburgh, said: “I am planning to vote in the independence referendum.

“I will vote leave as I strongly believe the Scottish government should get more power and get a government we actually want and not what England want.

“Now the UK have left the EU, I am more in favour for Scottish independence.”

In reply to the First Minister wanting a second referendum, Theresa May has said: “This is not a moment to play politics or create uncertainty.”

A Sky Data poll now suggests 65% of Brits believe there should not be a second independence referendum in Scotland, while 30% say there should.

When asking people in Manchester what they thought, the general consensus was that they don’t want the people in Scotland to leave, however, it is their decision. You can hear more opinions here:  

Sturgeon’s appearance at Bute House coincides with the final vote on the Brexit bill passing through the House of Commons on Monday evening.

If the bill is passed, the Prime Minister will be able to trigger Article 50 as early as Tuesday, formally launching Brexit negotiations with the EU.

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