26 YEARS since the original, a live action remake of Disney’s ever popular Beauty and the Beast was a long time coming. With fresh faces, new music and plot holes filled, the modern day take on a classic has broken box office records in its first weekend of release.

According to The Independent, Beauty and the Beast has already earned $350 million globally and set five box office records. With this film getting the ball rolling on several live action Disney remakes, it was inevitable everyone would be eager to go see it.

The cast was brilliantly chosen, all of whom resembled the characters from the primary animated film well. Emma Watson [Belle], Dan Stevens [The Beast] and Luke Evans [Gaston] in particular perfectly fit the bill of their characters. However, Josh Gad who played Gaston’s right hand man, LeFou felt extremely out of place failing to even attempt a British accent despite the rest of his co-stars doing so.

As well as new faces, there were new scenes put in place to fill previous plot holes many fans may have wanted answers to. One example (spoiler alert) is the additional background information and scenes on Belle’s mother death and the story of what happened to the Prince’s (The Beast’s) parents. However, as good as an idea it was to add more context to the background of the main characters, I think the writers of the film forgot that Disney films aren’t always necessarily supposed to make perfect sense – it’s all fiction anyway which the audience knows.

I appreciated the 2017 extras to the film as well, making it more up-to-date with modern day times. This included (spoiler alert) making LeFou discreetly gay, so much so it didn’t take away the original characters traits but his homosexuality was evident in one scene in particular. Also, the writers made Belle more of a feminist with her dresses often tucked into trousers and seeing her take little vocal abuse by the men in the film.

Overall, the film was good and a great first live action film for Disney to do. It was a great take on a classic with enchanting moments of romance, excitement and entertainment.

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