FLOURISH CIC, a social enterprise group based in Manchester, has started a crowdfunder to raise money for a 12-hour mentoring marathon and seed fund to support local women.

The group are aiming to raise at least £7000 by April 30. Half of the money raised will be used to help fund the mentoring marathon.

The mentoring marathon is due to take place in July and will provide women with access to intensive mentoring sessions with people from across the business, public sectors and voluntary sectors, and from social entrepreneurs.

Flourish Mentors
Flourish Mentors

The mentoring marathon will also provide mentees with the opportunity to pitch business ideas that will help tackle issues affecting the wider community.

Nickala Torkington, co-founder and director of Flourish CIC, who developed the concept of a ‘mentorathon’ or mentoring marathon, said “everyone learns something” at these events.

“The pitcher learns because they get all kinds of new perspectives and affirmation about what it is they’re doing. They also make new contacts and connections.

“The mentors learn how different people mentor people, how different sectors troubleshoot challenges, and they learn about new ways of working across sectors.”

[pullquote]“We support women to create the change they see needed in communities.”[/pullquote]

Cash investment will be awarded to the pitchers who the mentors believe will make best use of the cash in terms of “creating impact”.

Past successes include Jo Taylor who received a £300 investment for her advisory and advocacy social venture which helps people to be better aware of the needs of those living with cancer and secondary cancer.

Flourish peer learning event, February 2017
Flourish peer learning event, February 2017

As well as funding the mentoring marathon, half of the money raised by the crowdfunder will be invested directly into the social enterprise ideas of local women.

On why Flourish CIC support women, Ms Torkington, said: “From research that we’ve done, we’ve found that women feel apprehensive and that they lack confidence in trying to get mainstream business support and in applying for grants.

“We wanted to create bespoke support that was accessible to women of all backgrounds so that we could build their capacity to grow sustainable social ventures and create social change.”

To find out more about Flourish CIC or how to get involved you can email Nickala at ngtorkington@outlook.com, or visit their TwitterFacebook or crowdfunding page.

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