LEIGH Lions Club has donated £1,000 for the Atherton and Leigh emergency night shelter for homeless people.

THE Atherton and Leigh Shelter for HoPe, which moved into a new base three months ago, used the money to buy a washing machine and new duvets and pillows.

Warren Done, project manager for the shelter, says: “It’s great to be able to wash sheets and towels on site, as well as wash guests’ clothes, so they feel better in fresh, clean clothes. We are so grateful for this money, and what is being achieved with it.”

The Lions Club undertakes voluntary work and fundraising for causes that need the help, and have been doing so since the early 1990s.

Jenny Curry, president of the Leigh Lions Club, says: “There’s just thirteen of us – just very ordinary people doing amazing things.”

The £1,000 was raised from the Leigh Lions Club Meet Santa sessions outside a local supermarket. The group also run fetes and similar projects throughout the year.

Ms Curry knows Mr Done, and has donated to his other project at Atherton and Leigh Foodbank, and so thought to help him in his efforts with the homeless shelter.

She says: “We loved it when Warren told us that he had bought a washing machine, it’s nice to see where your money goes and what they do with it”.

A generous donations towards the shelter.

The group, after the fundraising, sit down in a monthly meeting and discuss what causes they can help with their charitable cash.

At the beginning of January this year, the Atherton and Leigh Shelter for HoPe opened its new premises in Leigh, and they have been open to guests ever since.

The new base would enable easier transport access for visitors, as well as lots of space for beds, shower facilities, a bigger kitchen, a washing machine which they now have, and separate rooms for men and women.

Mr Done says: “The shelter has been a great success, and we are full most nights. We have had almost 100 different guests referred in the last 12 weeks, staying well over 500 nights between them.”

Ms Curry summarises: “We like helping people who are worse off than ourselves, and giving back into society because maybe we’ve been a bit more lucky than they have.”

Atherton and Leigh Shelter for HoPe are now awaiting funding to enable them to open their doors all year round, and the Leigh Lions Club hope to continue their help where they can in future.

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