Manchester has been named one of the world’s top travel destinations and has been described as a “metropolitan mischief-maker that invented its own brand of wild”

Manchester has been listed as one of the world’s fifteen cities to visit by American travel and entertainment website Thrillist. Their list, 15 unforgettable cities to visit before you turn 30′ also mentions other famous worldwide top travel destinations such as Havana and San Francisco. Furthermore, it is the only city from the UK to be featured on the list.

The website paints the city as “tough” but “down-to-earth”. It writes about how real Manchester is and how any tourist is most likely to feel the connection once they enter one of Manchester’s famous pubs.

“The world’s first industrialized city is an encyclopedia of glorious architecture: An endless sea of converted, deep-red factories grace the skyline. Part charm and part utility, many of the buildings have ornate facades and functional rears a mink coat up front and no knickers on the behind.”

The article also mentions what Manchester is all about apposed to what it looks like.

“UK’s second-largest city is musical, affordable, and sporty — plus, they love Americans who rock, whether it be pop, classic, hard, or punk. Our Civil War was their cotton famine, which is why our 16th president is a local hero memorialized by a huge statue in Lincoln Square. You’re in!”

Manchester has seen a significant rise as a tourism destination in recent years and is now the UK’s most visited cities after London and Edinburgh. However this is not the first time Manchester has been advertised as must-see worldwide destination. In 2015, the New York Times ranked Manchester 26th out of 52 places to visit and did not mention any other UK cities. Also in 2015, the Lonely Planet ranked Manchester as number 8 on their top 10 places to visit in 2016. Again it was the only city from the UK to be part of the ranking.

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