AN OFF-DUTY firefighter helped to rescue a driver whose car flipped over and caught fire in Manchester on Sunday evening.

The driver of the BMW which crashed on East Lancashire Road, was taken to hospital where he was treated for a head injury.

Greater Manchester Police were called to the scene just after 9.30pm.

Pc Ashcroft, who attended, said they were called with reports of cars racing in the East Lancs Road.

He said: “A car had hit one of the barriers, flipped onto its roof and a male was trapped inside.

“The car also caught fire.”


Fire services and paramedics were called to East Lancashire Road and assisted.

“When we arrived there was a number of casualties, one of being pulled by the vehicle by an off-duty fire officer and was being worked on by paramedics.

“We also tried extinguishing the fire in the car and make the road safe for other emergency services to work in the area,” PC Ashcroft reported.

“We suspect the accident was caused by excess speed and possible alcohol due to there being alcohol inside the vehicle and the driver smelling of alcohol,” he said.

It has been told that the driver has been disqualified twice previously for dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

“We will be prosecuting for a number of offences, namely being dangerous driving and, again, drink driving, which he’s already been prosecuted and disqualified for in the past,” said PC Ashcroft.

The driver was admitted to hospital and treated for head injuries relating to the crash.

“We suspect the accident was caused by excess speed and possible alcohol.”

“When the driver was taken to hospital he was being treated for a number of injuries, most serious being a head injury.

“It’s not serious but he will recover fully, however, we will be seeking to prosecute him as far as we can do with regards to the law,” he said.


During the time of the crash, East Lancashire Road was closed for around two hours before reopening.

“The East Lancs Road was closed between 9.30pm and 11.30pm

“This was due to the car flipping over and causing quite a large oil leak over the road which would have been dangerous to other road users,” he said.

It was ensured that East Lancashire Road was cleared up before being reopened at around 11.30pm on Sunday evening.

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