SUNDAY 28th of May brings first instalment of the exciting new experimental and avante garde gigs being promoted by Victoria Warehouse; Transformer to Manchester.

Named after the album by the late, great Lou Reed the all day event is designed to bring together a collection of great bands that represent Reed’s vision for experimentation that punters might not otherwise get the chance to see. Some of these bands are reuniting, some are rare to see live, and some are just classic, unmissable acts.

Headlining are the illustrious Swans, one of the most provocative and daring bands in the world. It is the both the first and ffinal Manchester show for this incarnation of their ever-evolving lineup, and is sure to be a killer show. After starting way back in 1982, they consistently been producing violent and sparse music that ranges from post-punk to drone to pure avant garde. This is sure to be an incredible performance, especially based on the frontman Michael Gira’s bizarre stage presence.


Second on the bill are one of Manchester’s greatest exports, The Fall. They started back in 1976 and with a combination of their incredibly regular and consistent discography (30 albums…), and their eclectic frontman Mark E. Smith, they’ve become cult heroes over the years. It would be a travesty not to catch them.

Also playing are This Is Not This Heat; a revamp of the 1970s experimental rock group This Heat.

This new version of the iconic band are playing expanded and enhanced versions of the DIY rock that they began over 40 years ago. It features founding members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward.The band is named This Is Not This Heat out of respect for original member Gareth Williams who died in 2001.

Also on the bill is Royal Trux, an American alternative rock band who release a dozen or so albums in the 80s and 90s. Transformer is set to be this is going to be their first show in the UK since 2001.

As well as this, on the line-up are Argentinian duo Mueran Humans (consisting of Carmen Burguess and Tomas Nochteff) and Loop, an English trance rock group grabbing sounds from the likes of The Stooges and Can.

Every band on the line-up has a lot of promise to make this an exceptional day, so don’t forget to check out some of the other bands playing too, like Little Annie, Suuns and Sex Swing.

The event capacity will be 2,500 allowing an intimate experience of some of the best alternative acts in the world. The venue will be complete with the usual food stalls and bars, along with a record fair and film screenings throughout the day.

The Transformer event will be held on Sunday 28th May at Victoria Warehouse. Final release tickets are £24.

To win tickets to Transformer fest, email the answer to the following question to

What year did Swans form?

Competition closes Wednesday at 11:59PM.




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