Rachel Creeger on stage at Whitefield Garrick

Rachel Creeger on stage at Whitefield Garrick

For a work in progress, Rachel Creeger certainly seems to have her stride well ahead of her run in Edinburgh.

From causing PTSD flashbacks at old people’s homes, to sharing a playground with the offspring of the local BNP outpost on an Essex council estate, this show was full of laughs, some of which come from very unusual and dark places.

An accomplished performer and writer, Creeger delves into her own youth and family for this show, which spans her multiple careers as a member of an all-girl kosher seven piece singing group, stand up career, dental nurse, Jewish daughter and mother.

The show explores the conflict people experience when they have a dual identity. There are many people in the UK who have immigrant or refugee grandparents and parents. Her stories of her immigrant Grandparents are heart-warming and very relatable to those of us who are of a “certain” age and grew up with our own grandparent’s tales of the war.

Her exploration of how her faith has moulded her into the person she has become today, and how she felt able to pass as non-Jewish, thanks to her blond hair and, as she puts it, “Looks like Christmas, with a soul that screams Chanukah” until she finally became comfortable in her own skin enough to fully embrace her faith.

Which members of her family would she choose to accompany her in the upcoming zombie apocalypse?

How does an Essex girl end up travelling with Terrys Chocolate Orange giftbags?

What are her two near death experiences?

You’ll have to watch the show to find out, but it’s worth it.

Her two night run at Whitefield Garrick may not be sold out, but it was certainly a very busy foyer, and everyone leaving certainly had a broad smile on their face.

You can see the finished show in Edinburgh from the 6th-25th August 1.40-2.40pm (not Saturdays for obvious reasons…) Black Market Venue 399, 32 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1QB

PBH Free Fringe, unticketed, under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult


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