BUY Art Fair 2017 is back this October and is set to display over 3,000 original artworks from galleries and independent artists across the UK.

One of the UK’s largest art fair outside London, takes over Manchester Central from October 27-29, in a bid to celebrate its 10th anniversary and showcase the UK’s creative arts industry and culture.

The North’s vibrant art scene has already secured its presence at the Arts fair, with local artists and galleries exhibiting their art, including Contemporary six, Salvage Gallery, Chris Rivers and Mancunian books.

Sophie Helm, Director of the Buy Art Fair, said: “Manchester and Northern galleries are represented, and as a local company it matters to us to give local success stories a platform.

“But equally this is about bringing the best art to Manchester and the North, wherever it might originate. We’re really proud that Manchester attracts the best galleries and artists from across the UK and beyond.”

Over the weekend there will be creative and interactive events including a look into virtual reality arts, art demonstrations and classes, talks from academics like Pavel Buchler, curated tours and live performing arts.

She added: “The art fair exists to allow more people to buy art and to develop their passion for collecting.

“This helps support the entire art ecology, meaning local galleries can flourish, and the artists produced by art schools in the region can stay and practice here, and be represented and collected here, rather than automatically decamping to London to forge viable careers.”

The importance of the Buy Art Fair 2017 is reflected through the opportunities it offers to the artists, and to the public as well. By bringing galleries together in Manchester it means that art lovers don’t have to travel to the capital to buy art.

She stated: “People need an opportunity to buy art in a way that’s accessible, affordable and fun.

“The art market is one of our fastest-growing sectors. Ten or fifteen years ago it would have been impossible to imagine the New York Times picking Manchester out as one of the fifty global cities to visit on the basis of its cultural renaissance, but that’s exactly what happened.

“The entire cultural ecology employs tens of thousands across Greater Manchester, and the continuing boom in staycation and overseas tourism means this will be a growth area for the city for many years to come.”

Chris Rivers, an artist attending the Buy Art Fair 2017, said: “I took part in the art fair last year, it’s a really well attended fair in my home city with a wide variety of styles of artwork.

“I’ll exhibit some original pieces from a series called ‘Savages of Eden’, ‘Seasons in the abyss’, ‘Past meets present’ and ‘Land of the Giants’. There will be a variety of sizes with the biggest pieces being two 180cm x 180cm pieces, all oil paintings.

halo of flies 3
Chris Rivers Art- Manchester buy art fair/ Facebook:

“My personal style is based on trial and error. I get an idea and run with it. I’d say 90% of my work is improvised as I’m going.

“It all has a surrealistic / slightly weird and sometimes dark twist to it. Ideas can come from direct experiences or just turning an idea into something that works as a painting.”

Chris Rivers Art
Chris Rivers Art- Manchester buy art fair/ Facebook:

According to Chris, people in Manchester show interest towards the arts because if they feel a connection to something it’s difficult to run away. He believes Manchester’s art scene is cool as there’s a lot of street art and talented people everywhere.

He added: “The art market seems to be doing well. However, I’d continue to do my work regardless.  I’m not going to waste a second of my time worrying about things like that as it wouldn’t change anything anyway.

“Also, I’m not following any trends, and if there are any you’ll find me doing the opposite. If you are not in fashion then you won’t go out of fashion.”

If you want to find more about Chris Rivers’s art you can visit his website here.

For more information about the Buy Art Fair 2017 and to get tickets click here.

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