THE new dance fitness class, “Clubbercise” is bringing a fresh fitness trend to Manchester.

Clubbercise imitates a nightclub atmosphere and aims to encourage people to keep fit while having fun.

It is becoming the new craze as more than 2,000 instructors are holding classes throughout the UK as well as expanding to the other side of the world with classes to soon start in Australia. Since it was first introduced four years ago the aim of Clubbercise has remained the same, with the hope of getting people active while having fun.

Emma Hixon, Manchester Clubbercise instructor, said: “I love finding new ways to help people keep
fit – it’s something I’m really passionate about and when I discovered Clubbercise I just knew people
in Manchester would absolutely love it.

“The routines are easy-to- follow which means you can really let go and enjoy the music; pus, the classes appeal to a wide range of people because they’re so much fun it doesn’t feel like a workout!”

According to data from the 2015 Health Survey for England, 36 percent of adults within the country are overweight and 27 percent are obese therefore classes such as Clubbercise are imperative to encouraging a healthy lifestyle throughout the country.

One of the most popular nightclubs in Manchester, “Fifth” held the launch of Clubbercise on Monday 2nd October, making the desired club atmosphere ever more achievable.

Emma explained: “Fifth were very friendly and have been very helpful with me starting up there. I usually teach in church halls, or gyms in the past but I thought as its Clubbercise why not try to get it up and running in a club! After all clubs are closed at that time anyway.

“The launch was amazing, we had energy drink shots, free face painting, neon fancy dress theme. A great turn out for the first night, I only hope it continues on like this.”

The club itself has also shown its support for the new craze as General Manager Daniel Johnston has stated: “It [Clubbercise] is something exciting, it’s new to Manchester, I’ve seen the different locations around the country and I think It’s something different that will be a good puller for the
“We have had over 50,000 views on Facebook for the event so I thought it would be a good idea to
do it. There were 25 people who came down for the Launch on the 2nd and since we have had more

Clubbercise will be held at Fifth Nightclub every Monday at 6pm. To book onto a class click here!

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