HUNDREDS of essay mills are available online which allow students to purchase pre-written essays if they simply want to avoid writing their own work.

The QAA have made a series of recommendations to universities to stop plagiarism acts which includes blocking the use of essay mill sites and introducing smarter cheating detection software.

Using essay mill sites is considered a form of plagiarism and universities are concerned about the high extremes of cheating methods adopted by students.

A spokesperson for Universities UK said: “Universities take plagiarism and cheating extremely seriously.

“Submitting work written by someone else is cheating and devalues the efforts of students who
work hard to achieve their grades.”

He added: “Such academic misconduct is a breach of an institution’s disciplinary regulations and can result in students, in serious cases, being expelled from the university.”

University staff and lecturers are amongst those paid by essay mill services in exchange to complete work for students, the report by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) suggests.

Essay Service Writing UK is an example essay mill which allows you to select your desired grade and deadline date for your essay.

This alters the price range depending on the quality and immediacy required for your essay: for example, the price would be £761.00 for a 2,500 word essay where a student is aiming to get a first, written three days before their deadline.

A student from the University of Salford contacted this service to find out more information regarding their policies.

He asked: “I am afraid that the essay will not sound as though I have written it with my style of writing, would this be a problem?”

They responded: “As we say to all of our customers, the work provided is only intended to be a model answer to be used for reference purposes and should be re-written in your own words.

“We can review a sample of your previous work to write in a style you are familiar with if you so wish.”

The website some students have been spending up to £7000 to write their essays
The website some students have been spending up to £7000 to write their essays

The website states that if your work is marked as a 2:1 by the professional writers and you don’t achieve a 2:1, then you are entitled to receive your money back.

In Britain, it is left to individual universities to produce their own plagiarism policy but the QAA are hoping for a consistent approach across the country.

The University of Salford’s plagiarism policy states on their website: “Accidental or deliberate plagiarism is considered academic misconduct and can have harsh penalties.”

Universities have been asked to consider the reasons behind their students cheating – the QAA have
recommended that universities provide more support for struggling students and introduce a range of assessment methods to limit cheating opportunities.

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