A SALFORD-based charity volunteer has urged the Greater Manchester community to stand up and raise awareness of hate crime in the UK.

The charity Community Security Trust’ (CST) has issued the plea after reports that hate crimes in Greater Manchester had increased by 500% since the Manchester Arena bombing.

Johnny, who volunteers for Community Security Trust says:

“People believe that others or the police do not take hate crimes seriously, for example, verbal abuse on the street, some people may just brush it off but it is important to report to stop repeat cases.”

“I feel the police in the UK, are leaders in combating hate crime, we work with them and the justice system to help victims of anti-Semitism.”

“CST is for members of the Jewish community, we encourage people to report hate crimes to us or the police in the UK confidentially.

“Some of the main causes for hate crimes involve ignorance and bigotry, by understanding people and combating ignorance and having cohesive projects in the community, we hope to see decreasing numbers of hate crimes.”

National Hate Crime Awareness Week was founded in 2009 in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of the London nail bomb attacks in Brixton. It aims to raise awareness of hate crimes, remember lives lost and support victims of hate crimes.


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