CRICKET would be dead at the University of Salford without the work of the current Club Sports Coordinator, the indoor cricket captain has claimed.

Laura Godwyn-Outen secured a new training facility at Albion Academy for Salford’s cricketers after they were told they must stop playing on campus due to damage caused to the sports hall by the ball.

The club moved to its new venue on the 2nd of November, and sessions run every Thursday from 8pm-10pm.

Despite frustrations at the inconvenient location and time, captain Imran Maqbool Khan admits that they are lucky to be playing at all.

“The new sports coordinator Laura has been very helpful, she arranged everything at Albion Academy.

“I am really happy we have this Sports Coordinator, the way she responded to everything was really good and I think this club is surviving because of her.”

Despite his gratitude to Laura for getting the club running again, Imran believes cricket at Salford will not be able to thrive unless it is played on campus.

“When we are not at the university I think it is very hard to attract new students, because they don’t want to take any risks to travel,” Imran said.

“This is a problem, if it is at the university then it will be much easier for us to get new members.”

“Students are also telling me it is hard for them to travel that late, and that it is very inconvenient for them.”

When training on campus last year, the club received regular interest from players taking part in different activities at the sports centre.

However, they have now been robbed of that method of recruitment.


The current members of the indoor side are mostly foreign students from Pakistan or India, and Imran thinks that the lack of English native players is due to the huge popularity of football in the UK.

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“In the first year it was mixed. Half of the players were from India and half were from Pakistan, and then we had two Bengali players as well. I think white people prefer football more.

“But the last sports coordinator James played with us, and we had two members from outdoor cricket as well. It was a very diverse club.”

Anyone interested in joining the Indoor Cricket Club can contact Imran via their facebook page below.



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