‘JUST a Toilet’ was launched this week after a campaign by Jon-Connor Lyons, the Students Union Officer for Arts & Media, at Salford University.

It has seen gender neutral toilets be introduced onto the university campuses.

Jon-Connor Lyons, who formed the campaign, said: “The first gender neutral toilet was revealed during Welcome Week this year in the Student’s Union. In November we aim to get gender neutral toilets rolled out in different campuses such as Frederick Road and Media City.”

The University hopes ‘Just a Toilet’ will dispel the myths surrounding gender neutral toilets we use them each day on trains and even in our own homes.

Lyons said he was first inspired to start the campaign after speaking to students who this issue would specifically affect as it really hit home to him when he heard about students not having gender neutral facilities around campus.

Some of the students he spoke to had to go home to use the loo during the day because they did not feel safe using male or female toilets because the public might be hostile towards them.

The campaign has received no negative feedback from students and staff from the university, which the Student’s Union has been delighted with as they have focused on educating the university on why these facilities are needed on campuses.

The gender neutral toilets will not affect the male or female toilets in each building and just gives an extra option for those who are not comfortable using gender-specific loos.

Gender Neutral toilets can be found on the first floor of the Media City campus and in the activity space at the Student’s Union.

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