A new Salford gymnastic centre is opening to help disadvantaged children.

Maxine and Mike Grech, the founders of the centre, have lived in Salford their whole lives and recognized the absence of a sports centre in Salford.

As Maxine grew up training in gymnastics she understands the importance of sport in the local community. However she also recognises how difficult it is for children from deprived areas to access good and safe sports training.

Maxine wants to give the young people of Salford a chance to succeed in sport. Maxine used to train in gymnastics however due to her parents working evenings and the cost of the classes, she had to stop at  the age of 11. She wants to see children from all backgrounds reaching the Olympic standard and believes money should not stop anyone striving towards goals and showing the world their talent.

A volunteer helping with the interior of the Gymnastic centre says:  “I have been work on the project for a few weeks now, I live in Salford myself and totally agree that Salford is lacking in sports facilities. You see somany children roaming the street after school when they could be shaping their future careers. 

“I think this academy will change Salford.

Scottish Under 12s Champion – Maxine Grech’s son

Two years ago Maxine decided to give back to her local community by opening her own sports centre, based in the Fortunata building on Astor Road. Her vision is to offer world-class training with state-of-the-art facilities to give children a platform for their chosen sport.

Maxine says: “I just want to get the children of Salford of the streets and involved with sports to give them a better chance in life. I don’t want finances to ever stop young people achieving their dreams and we just want to help them along the way.”

Operating as a charity and a non-profit organisation it will give young people, whatever their financial situation, a chance to shine in their chosen discipline, whilst giving them a better start in life.

The local community has been getting involved with the construction of the centre, from gymnastic coaches to voluntary builders, everyone has contributed something. When the centre is up and running it will sustain itself on sponsors, funds, grants and community fundraising to allow classes to run seven days a week, both throughout the day and into the evening.

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