WORKING in countries all around the world, the Mines Advisory Group is trying to eradicate landmines in an attempt to change the world.

MAG is a charity that is trying, little by little, to change the world from a quiet corner of Manchester.

The charity is trying to educate the public, because for everyone that has ever stepped on a landmine, there are devastating consequences. War-torn countries are filled with landmines in all their towns, villages and farmlands across the globe.

Experts from the MAG have been working non-stop with communities and governments to eradicate all the devices of this kind everywhere over the last three decades.


The group has been based in Manchester since 1998 and it is an international non-governmental organisation headquartered in the North of England.

MAG is also a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace prize following its incredible work in their international campaign to ban landmines all over war-torn countries.

Their vital work allows people to return to their homes and be safe. The group has 3000 people across the globe that are carrying out dangerous work to clear mines and booby traps.

It is very dangerous and slow, but their work has saved countless lives in some of the most difficult conflict zones in the world, including current war zones like Syria and Iraq.

All the work carried out is directed from the Peter Street office in Manchester city centre.

Since the beginning of MAG in 1989, the group has been working to clean out land contaminated with the remains of conflict that are incredibly dangerous to everyone.


Cleaning booby traps is a major part of MAG’s recent work. Field workers managed to clear a huge number of mines in one Iraqui Village, in the space of three months. Since then 530 families have been able to return to the village.

MAG was recently selected by the Government as a UK Aid Match charity, one of just twelve that are a part of it.

The work there is part of ongoing project all over the world that will, hopefully, lead to a mine free world.

By removing and destroying landmines, MAG makes it safe for communities to come back to their homes, grow food crops, access water sources and carry out housing, education, health and other infrastructure projects.

The group clears roads so that organisations can reach remote areas to deliver humanitarian aid and development projects. They work with communities to understand how they are affected and what their needs are.

MAG clears land so that people can return to their daily lives free from danger and fear.

Since 1989, MAG has freed 18 million people from the fear of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO), and in 2016 alone, they helped over one million girls, boys, women and men.

Read more about MAG on their website.

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