ROYAL Mail is recruiting 20.000 people for temporary jobs before January next year, to be able to cope with the workload of the Christmas period, including festive post and online shopping.

Manchester Mail Center already has a huge waiting list of people who have applied as casual workers ready to be called upon support in order to help handle the increased volumes of mail during December.

The ones who will be accepted are going to work in a fast-paced warehouse environment, unloading mails from vans, sorting parcels and letters and operating machinery amongst other activities.

On 11 December, a registration event is planned which will give applicants the opportunity to talk about shift availability and preferences. People from different backgrounds and beliefs are being accepted.

A Royal Mail spokesperson says: “Royal Mail is coping well with the increased mail bag that Christmas brings. We are recruiting extra people as we move into the peak period of our busiest week.

“We have had lots of applications. People applying need to fit and healthy and able to work flexibly.”

For the ones who don’t have the chance to be close to their loved ones, sending mails and parcels is a common practice. To add to that, the Christmas discounts have led to extremely increased numbers of online shopping orders.

To deal with that extremely busy period, the Royal Mail has also established a list of Last Posting Dates for countries around the world.

For the ones who are interested to submit an application for a temporary work spot, you can visit the Royal Mail Group website to get more details and view the requirements.

Here is a vox pop about Christmas mail and parcels from students.

Royal Mail branches around Greater Manchester.


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