The University of Salford is raising awareness of homophobia and abuse in sport, as staff and students display their rainbow laces on campus.

Many societies and groups within the University of Salford, including Salford Proud and the University of Salford sports centre, are taking part by encouraging staff and students to swap their usual laces for rainbow laces.

Staff and students supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign hope to promote equality and eradicate homophobia. LGBT+ group, Salford Proud, have teamed up with the University of Salford Sport’s Centre and Salford Student Union to promote the campaign around campus.

Graham Rimmer, co-chair of Salford University’s LGBT+ group, Salford Proud said: “If we do things like this we can say that Salford is actually a safe campus.”

Stonewall, an LGBT rights charity, kick started the campaign with an aim to drive homophobia out of sport. The campaign taking part on campus is simply promoted using the hashtag #RainbowLaces, where staff and students can share pictures of their Rainbow Laces in support.

The University’s sports centre has also supported the Rainbow Laces campaign, with staff sporting the rainbow laces on campus. With the sport’s centre being the hub of sport on University campus, it is important that staff can create an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.

Homophobia in sport still remains a large problem, with many fans and players receiving abuse. Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces movement has so far attracted the attention of nearly 200,000 supporters who have purchased their own Rainbow Laces.

Many celebrities and significant figures in sport have also backed the Rainbow Laces campaign, including sports broadcaster Gary Lineker who wore his Rainbow Laces whilst hosting ‘Match of the Day’ at the BBC in Salford.

Stonewall released an official video in 2016 which features many LGBT sporting influences, sharing their experiences of homophobia in the sporting industry.


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