Looking for a place in Manchester where you can watch your favourite festive films, but don’t want to fork out a load of money in the meantime? Look no further than Winterlast, NOMA in Manchester’s Sadler’s Yard…

The glowing pop-up shed located behind Manchester Victoria station and in the NOMA development is the perfect place to enjoy a Christmas film in comfort, all through the month of December.

In the style of a cosy wooden cabin, the room is filled with festive décor throughout and is equally built for comfort, with its’ cosy corner and thick throws which are supplied and made by members of the public, to make customers feel at ease while they enjoy their experience.

Kicking off on 1st December and running until the 23rd December, the event has been in full swing for one week and has proven to be very popular with customers already, with one commenting: “So Winterlast is happening and it is amazing!!”

A selection of films are on offer throughout the month, including the likes of Home Alone, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street and even some more action packed titles such as Die Hard and Batman Returns.

Speaking to Jess Higham, from OH OK Ltd and an organiser of the event, she said: “It was about finding a response to the need for something Christmassy at Sadlers Yard, at NOMA, not neccesarily outside because it’s Manchester and you can never predict the weather so this is our response to that- something that the Pilcrow can get involved in and the public can get involved in.

“It’s a nice use of the space without feeling too festive.”

The team from the Pilcrow pub are also getting involved with the event, and will be on hand to serve a selection of drinks including mulled ciders to customers whilst they enjoy the films.

Although, Winterlast isn’t the only place in Manchester offering a selection of festive films throughout December, with the Great Northern Warehouse, King Street Townhouse, Victoria Baths, HOME and Albert Hall all offering similar experiences.

It is the only place to offer a completely FREE experience, however, which offers a variety of films with viewings at 4pm and 7pm daily and a special viewing on Saturdays at 10am for families.

“There’s a lot of other cinema happening in Manchester, there’s no second thought about it, but we’ve got a nice space, it is quite intimate and the films aren’t necessarily traditional Christmas films,” explained Jess.

She continued: “it’s a different environment to be in, the idea is you can go in and watch a film and you can pop out and get a drink, you don’t have to sit there the entire time- which is slightly more flexible with people’s commitments.”

For those that enjoy the cosy cinema experience, there are plans to keep the space open in the new year, becoming the ‘Now Showing Club’ which will be looking to offer cult classics mixed with some family friendly films.

To find out more about Winterlast at NOMA, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winterlast-at-noma-tickets-40140148264

Listen to the full interview here:


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